Crew for DSV DP in Saudi ARAMCO

The job is closed. Applications no longer accepted.

Job facts

Location Middle East
Contact TSM
Closed Thursday, March 15, 2018

Job description

We are looking for the following crew to join DSV DP vessel
Area of operation - Saudi Arabia / ARAMCO
1) Chief Officer/SDPO (with DP Full) – USD 285 per day
2) 2nd Officer/DPO (with DP Advanced) – USD 150 per day
3) 2nd Engineer (with DP Maintenance) – USD 165 per day
4) ETO (with DP Maintenance) – USD 175 per day
Contract duration – 2/2 months
Joining – end of February
- Minimum 24 months of DSV DP experience in rank;
- Previous ARAMCO experience/evaluation is a plus;
- Firm English knowledge – Marlins Test from approved center (minimum 80 % in each section).