Rig Electrician - Dahuk

The job is closed. Applications no longer accepted.

Job facts

Location Middle East
Closed Sunday, January 30, 2022

Job description

Salary: Competitive
Location: Dahuk
Job type: Permanent

WRS Kurdistan are looking for Local Kurdish candidates to work as Rig Electrician for an International Oil and Gas company in Kurdistan.

Job Summary:
Provide support on HSE issues related to company operations, as required, supervise the effective and efficient HSE coverage and performances relating to all current and future activities, and also providing quality and timely support to the rig crew.

Key Responsibilities:

Make sure that all maintenance work is performed safely in accordance with company regulations and with good engineering practice.
Collaborate with the Maintenance team regarding maintenance, repairs and planning ahead in other to avoid the risk of delay caused by equipment breakdown.
Employ preventative maintenance program in accordance with Client and Company requirements and as directed by the Maintenance Supervisor
Report misuse of equipment to the Senior Maintenance Supervisor.
Prepare Procurement engineering that includes RFQ / Material requisition, Technical Query and Vendor Document Review.
Carrying out the lighting calculations of the onshore cabins and room, Module Package & Control Room with the help of DIALux, Relux & Opti win.
Preparation and finalization of electrical design basis for all electrical equipment’s with respect to various projects.
Installation, Calibration and loop checking of the field instruments.
Control valves, positioner, Transmitter, Switch, Pneumatic Controller, and Pneumatic Recorder. (Bench Calibration and Field Calibration).

Required Qualifications & Experience:

4 years of experience in relevant field.
To have engineering background.
Education: Must have bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
Must be native Kurdish and skilled in English language.