Senior Data Scientist - Singapore

The job is closed. Applications no longer accepted.

Job facts

Location Middle East
Closed Monday, August 2, 2021

Job description

Salary: Attractive Package
Location: Singapore
Job type: Permanent

As Senior Data Scientist, you will have full ownership of Data Research. The volume of data is growing fast and our client's objective is to leverage this data and generate insights for their customer base. The role covers researching new methodologies and optimizing existing ones. You will have considerable autonomy in setting up a model pipeline to deploy and test new models quickly, and you will be able to partially leverage a large team of Data Specialists for annotation.


Build large-scale NLP based data processing pipelines to train and improve our recommendation algorithms.
Work closely with the Development Team to define architecture, models, approaches, etc.;
Work closely with the Product and Data Teams to determine areas of research and priorities;
Consider multiple solutions to the same problem, and implement test more than one when relevant;
Always know why you chose a particular approach;
Document your work.


At least three years of experience and two years in a similar role;
Experience with NLP tools and techniques;
Experience with significant volumes of plain text data (extracted from media and social media);
Exposure to network analysis techniques is a plus;
Experience in a Software Product company is a plus.
Fluency in at least two relevant programming languages (Python, Julia, Matlab, R, etc.);
Good understanding of data storage and querying (deep knowledge of SQL and relational DBs is a must);
Good knowledge of standard Data Science tools (open source libraries, APIs, etc.). Experience with SpaCy is a big plus;